Rules of the Community

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Any pet creating a nuisance for any resident of the Association will be subject to appropriate action by the Board of Directors. Such action may include, but is not limited to, an imposition of a monetary fine. Pet nuisances may include, but are not limited to; barking or making other noise, distributing trash receptacles, or being unleashed in the Association Common Area.

  1. All dogs are to be leashed and cats must be under owner control at all times while outside a unit or on the Association Common Area. Unleased dogs and cats not under owner control may be turned over to Irvine Animal Control. IN addition, the homeowner may be subject to a fine by the Association. (City Code #IVE-7011MC)
  2. Pet owners are required to pick-up their pet’s waste and dispose of it in a sanitary manner. Failure to do so could result in a fine.
  3. Pet doors are not allowed to be installed under any circumstances.
  4. Placing pet food or dishes outside the unit is not allowed.
  5. Placing of kitty litter boxes outside the unit is not allowed.
  6. Owners are responsible for any damage to the Association property.


Commercial Activity:

No business, commercial, manufacturing, mercantile, storage, vending or individual operation of any kind shall be conducted in or upon any Residence. This provision does not include construction or the project by the Developer or other authorized subcontractors; however, this provision is not meant to preclude an owner from maintaining a home office and conducting business activities.  The business or activity must be consistent with specific plan requirements for the project (i.e. residential use) and meet the following criteria:

  1. There is no external evidence of the activity or business;
  2. The activity or business is conducted in conformance with all applicable government ordinances;
  3. The business or activity does not increase the liability or casualty insurance obligation or premium of the corporation;
  4. The patrons or clientele of such activities do not visit the Residence or park automobiles or other vehicles within a Project;
  5. The existence or operation of such activities is not apparent or detectable by sight, sound or smell from outside of the boundaries of the Residence.
  6. The activity or business is consistent with the residential character or the project and otherwise conforms to the corporation’s Governing Documents.

General Rules

  1. For safety reasons, children under the age of fourteen (14) are not permitted to use any Association Common Area, including, but not limited to, the pool complex, tennis court and clubhouse, unless accompanied by an adult resident.

2    Guests of Association Owners are not permitted to use any Association Common Area, including but not limited to, the pool complex, tennis court and clubhouse, unless accompanied by an adult resident.

  1. Hanging aluminum foil, sheets, towels, blankets, and other similar items as window or door covering is not authorized. Shades, vertical blinds, draperies, curtains, inside shutters and mini-blinds are examples of acceptable window coverings.
  2. Owner/Tenant shall not store or place anything in the Common Area property which includes the walkways and entry door area. This includes, but not limited to toys, bikes, signage, screen doors, pictures, paintings, items of furniture, etc.  Potted plants and a door mat at door entries are permitted provided that the mat is of a harmonious nature and does not impede or otherwise hinder access.  If a neighbor objects to the mat, the matter may be submitted for review and approval by the Architectural Committee. No littering in the complex.  Violation of said rule is subject to a $100.00 fine.



Holiday Decorations

  1. Holiday decorations are permitted at your residence; however, decorations of any type are not permitted in the common area. The common area includes, but is not limited to, trees, bushes or other landscaped areas maintained by the Association, etc. Any decorations found in the common area will be removed at the owner’s expense.
  2. All decorations are permitted up to 30 days prior to the holiday and must be removed within 10 days after the holiday. All holiday decorations celebrating holidays in December and January must be removed by January 10 of each year.
  3. Homeowners should be considerate of neighbors when decorating for holidays.

Traffic and Parking Rules

  1. No parking is permitted along curbs that are painted red or in other posted NO PARKING areas. Vehicles so parked are subject to immediate towing at the owner’s expense.
  2. Guest parking is permitted in uncovered spaces, stalls marked “VISITOR PARKING” with a guest hang tag. Guest parking is not for Association members but is reserved for guests only. Association patrol monitors vehicle parking by constant marking of vehicles. The public streets are maintained by the City of Irvine and are limited to ninety-six (96) hours.
  3. Storage of non-operable vehicles is prohibited in all parking spaces.
  4. Recreational Vehicles, such as motor homes, campers, and boats, etc. may be parked in public view within the project for temporary purposes only not to exceed twenty-four (24) hours. In general, the purpose of this exception is to permit Owners the option of retrieving their recreation vehicle from storage the night before leaving on a trip for purposes of loading the vehicle and otherwise preparing the vehicle for the trip, and to permit Owners to keep the recreational vehicle in the project for one night upon return from a trip to facilitate unloading of the vehicle and returning it to an off-site storage facility the next morning. Therefore, frequent parking of any recreational vehicle in the project for purposes other than those described above is prohibited, notwithstanding compliance with the twenty-four (24) hour parking limitation. Commercial vehicles are not permitted to park within the Association except for the purposes of making deliveries, providing services to an Owner, loading or unloading.
  5. Vehicle speed is not to exceed 10 M.P.H. within the complex.
  6. Bicycles, tricycles, motorcycles, mopeds, roller blades, roller skates, and skateboards may not be used on the walkways within the complex and none of the above may be left on the walkways, stored in the bushes, or under the stairs, or anywhere else on the common area at any time.
  7. One covered parking space is assigned to each unit. The parking space number does not reflect the unit number of the condominium to which it is assigned. No one may park in a covered parking space that is not assigned to his or her unit without the express permission of the owner of the unit to which the parking space is assigned.
  8. Repair of any vehicle on the premises is prohibited. Due to environmental requirements, the changing of oil is prohibited.
  9. Motorcycles are required to have proper kickstands which do not dig into the paved surface. Damage caused by motorcycles to the paved surface will be repaired at the homeowner’s expense.
  10. Parking of one automobile and one motorcycle/bicycle per parking stall is permitted.
  11. Storage of any item in parking stalls is not permitted. The stalls are intended for operable vehicles only. Vehicles leaking excessive amounts of fluid are prohibited from parking in the stalls until such time the leak(s) has been repaired.
  12. Any vehicle parked in violation of any of the Association’s Rules and Regulations is subject to towing and/or monetary fine.

Orange Tree Condominium Owners Association is patrolled by Nordic Patrol Services. Contact information is listed as follows:

Nordic Patrol Services

3419 Via Lido #345

Newport Beach, CA 92663

(714) 751-0347


Extreme Towing

16372 Construction Circle Unit 9

Irvine Ca 92606

(949) 709-8388



The only items allowed on the back patio/ balcony are furniture that is constructed for outdoor use, one BBQ’s, bicycles, potted plants on saucers and one storage unit.

  1. One storage units that is constructed for outdoor use no larger than UPRIGHT UNIT plastic storage unit Height: 72”, Width 36”, and Depth: 18”are permitted and must be maintained in good, clean and safe condition.
  2. Patios and balconies may not be used for storage. By way of example no, towels, sleeping bags, rugs, indoor furniture, exercise equipment, coolers, water bottles, water jugs, ping pong tables, ladders, cleaning equipment, electronic equipment such as stereos or television sets or any other items identified by the Board of Directors are not permitted on patios, balconies or decks at any time.
  3. No items are to be stored in the Community Common Areas near the streams, including but not limited to potted plants, lights, furniture, and BBQ’s.
  4. No child swings are allowed to be installed on the Association Beams.
  5. All types of fencing is not permitted.
  6. No shelving is allowed to be attached to Association maintained beams or stucco.
  7. No painting of the sliding glass door frames.
  8. No hanging items off the Balcony or placed on the balcony railing.


  1. No more than three (3) plants, none of which may be in containers larger than ten (10) inches in diameter, are permitted on the front porch or other areas outside the Owner’s unit. Any plants must be potted and on a saucer in order to prevent structural damage to the landings. Owners shall be responsible for any damage caused by maintenance of potted plants on porch or other area, and any such damage shall be repaired at the Owner’s sole expense.
  2. Nothing else is allowed to be placed/stored on front porch/landing.
  3. Laying artificial turf, tile, carpeting, or any other floor covering on any porch or landing is strictly prohibited.
  4. No items are allowed to be placed or stored on the stairways, along walkways or on landings or railings.
  5. Changing the numbers on the building is not allowed without authorization from the Board of Directors.
  6. Bikes are not allowed to be stored, locked to the staircase, or anywhere in front of the building.
  7. No items are permitted to be hung in front of any porch or landing except for one wind chime.


  1. No signs are to be placed, installed, or displayed so that they are visible outside of the Unit. No sign may be placed, installed or displayed in the Common Area or attached to any staircase, patio, balcony or deck. No banner or flag may be hung or flown from a window, staircase, patio, balcony or deck, except those that are expressly permitted by California state law.
  2. Real estate signs are permitted inside the front window of a unit. Open House signs, flags, etc., are not permitted on the Association Common Area, with the exception that one Open House sign is permitted in front of the unit on Association Common Area only while the open house is in process.

Swimming Pool and Spa

  1. Children under the age of fourteen (14) years are not permitted within the swimming pool complex unless accompanied by an adult
  2. Glass, ceramic or other breakable containers are not allowed.
  3. Guests must be accompanied by a resident.
  4. Gates and doors are to be secured after use of the area to prevent unauthorized entry and loss of Association property
  5. Use of the Spa by children under six (6) years of age is prohibited.
  6. All children must be toilet trained before they are allowed to use the swimming pool.
  7. Pool hours are from 7 A.M. to 10 P.M., Sunday through Thursday and from 7 A.M. to 11 P.M., Friday, Saturday and Eves of Holidays. Individuals in pool/spa after hours are subject to appropriate action which may include, but not limited to, a special assessment.
  8. Loud and boisterous conduct shall not be permitted. No horseplay, running and diving allowed.  Care is to be taken after 10:00 pm to limit all noise which includes careful closing of gates.
  9. Swimsuits must be worn in the water.
  10. No person wearing diapers are allowed in the pool or spa.
  11. Pool furniture is not to be removed from the pool area.
  12. No use of soap products in the pool area.
  13. Games which inhibit others from full use of the pool or spa are not permitted.
  14. No skateboards, surfboard, bicycles, pets or inner tubes shall be allowed in the pool area.
  15. Medium sized rafts may only be used in the pool when the pool is not crowded.
  16. No animals are allowed in the pool area.
  17. No lifeguard on duty in the pool area. Please swim at your own risk.

Rental of Residence

An Owner shall be entitled to rent the Owner’s entire residence (but not a portion thereof) for a term of not less than thirty (30) days. The owner shall be responsible for all actions of the lessee and subject to the following guidelines:

  1. All owners who rent their residence shall submit names and contact numbers for their tenants to the Property Management Company.
  2. Any rental or leasing agreement shall be in writing, shall provide that the lease or rental is subject to the Governing Documents and shall provide that any failure to comply with any provisions of the Declaration or the Governing Documents shall be a default under the terms of the lease agreement. A copy of any lease agreement shall be provided to the Association.
  3. A copy of all the Governing Documents shall be provided by the Owner to each tenant or lessee. The leasing Owner shall, at all times, be responsible for their tenant’s or lessee’s compliance with all Governing Documents for the Association.
  4. Use privileges for amenities, Association Property and Common Area transfer to the lessee or tenant. An Owner shall have no personal use privileges upon leasing their residence.
  5. No residence may be rented for hotel, motel or transient purposes or for any other purpose inconsistent with the Declaration.


  1. Tenants must agree to abide by the Association rules here within.
  2. No short term rentals are allowed.
  3. Guests need to be accompanied by a resident when using any facilities on the property.

Noise / Nuisance

  1. Operating major appliances, dishwashers, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners, between the hours of 10:00 P.M. and 6:00 A.M. is prohibited.
  2. Sounds from horns blowing, loud mufflers, etc. must not be of a level that will not annoy other members of the community.
  3. Sounds from stereos, DJ’s, bands, musical instruments, loud talking or screaming, dogs barking, power tools, and other loud noises must not be of a level that will annoy other members of the community.
  4. Any construction or remodeling in units, or heavy moving of household articles, is limited from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm during the week, and from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on the weekends.
  5. Obnoxious smells should be kept inside your unit and not in the common areas where it will not annoy other members of the Community.


  1. For safety and liability reasons, no-one is permitted to play, wade, fish, etc. in the streams, climb on rocks or trees at any time.
  2. No feeding the ducks or turtles are allowed.
  3. No Spraying of the ducks with water is permitted.


  1. All reports of non-compliance must be in writing and signed;
  2. Reports of non-compliance from Board members must also be in writing or presented at the regular Board meeting for recordation in the meeting minutes;
  3. Every effort will be made to keep the name of the reporting homeowner confidential; however the homeowner may be requested to attend a Hearing if the alleged violation is contested;
  4. The report must include the address of the home in non-compliance, and times and dates of the activity in violation is helpful;
  5. Committees or Committee Members reporting violations must also submit them in writing as a part of their report; dates and times of said inspections will be needed;
  6. It is the responsibility of the reporting homeowner to contact Management to advise if the non-compliance has not been corrected.
  7. Homeowners that receive a violation will need to submit pictures when the violation has been corrected as proof before the violation is closed.

Owners Responsibility

It is the responsibility of each Owner to communicate all Rules and Regulations to their guests and invitees and to provide a copy of all the Association’s Governing Documents, including these Rules and Regulations, to their tenants. Owners are responsible for any violation of the governing documents by their tenant, guests and/or invitees. The Following are maintenance items

  1. AC Unit
  2. Interior Pest Control
  3. Cable, Satellite, Antennas
  4. Ceilings
  5. Door Frames
  6. Electric Interior
  7. Fixtures in Unit
  8. Interior Floors
  9. Front Door
  10. Gas
  11. Heater Furnace
  12. Hose Bib
  13. Interior Repairs
  14. Exterior Light by Entry
  15. Mailbox Locks and Keys
  16. Plumbing
  17. Screens and Screen Door
  18. Sliding Glass Doors
  19. Water Shutoff in front of the building in the middle in most cases
  20. Water Heater
  21. Windows

HOA Responsibility

  1. Pest Control Exterior
  2. Asphalt
  3. Balcony Drains
  4. Eaves
  5. Breaker
  6. Carport
  7. Decks / Balcony
  8. Ducts
  9. Electric Exterior
  10. Fencing
  11. Foundation
  12. Concrete by Front Entry
  13. Landscaping
  14. Building Lights Exterior
  15. Mailbox Structure
  16. Plumbing See “Water Intrusion Policy”
  17. Rain Gutters
  18. Rodents Rats
  19. Roof
  20. Sidewalks
  21. Slab Leak
  22. Stairs / Stairway
  23. Street Cleaning
  24. Exterior Structure
  25. Exterior Termites
  26. Trash Pickup
  27. Exterior Wall
  28. Water


1.      Appropriate closed trash containers or proper trash bags shall be used to secure refuse and should not be left in public view on patio’s, balconies or front entry for any amount of time.

2.      The responsible owner must remove any litter remaining on the ground after trash pick-up.

3.      Trash may not be left in the surrounding areas if the bins are full. Waste Management will not pick up trash left outside specified trash bins.

4.      Large items should be disposed of offsite and not in Association property dumpsters.


Damage to the Association Property and Vandalism

1.      If damage to Association Property is found, a penalty assessment will be assessed to the homeowner where the offender resides or is visiting. Juveniles are the responsibility of the parent or guardian where the offender resides or is visiting.

2.      If any damage was caused by unintentional conduct, the assessment will be the full cost of the property damage repair to reimburse the Association.

  1. If any damage was caused by intentional conduct, the assessment will be for the full cost of the property damage repair and additional penalty assessment, at the discretion of the Board.
  2. Homeowners are responsible for all the assessments as a result of property damage/vandalism by their tenants, guests, children, or contractors.  Insurance
  1. The Association maintains a blanket master policy for fire and liability on the common areas and those areas deemed the responsibility of the Association.
  2. All homeowners should, at their own expense, obtain their own coverage for personal possessions, liability, and or loss assessments as recommended by their insurance professional.Architectural
  1. To preserve the aesthetic consistency and quality of the Association, any structural alteration to any building must receive prior, written architectural approval. All submissions to the Architectural Committee must be on an Architectural Application obtained from Action Property Management. The application must reflect the nature, color, shape, height, materials and location of the proposed alteration. The application must state the owner’s name, address, and telephone number where the application or his/her contractor can be reached between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. The application must also state a home telephone number where the application can be reached after these hours. One original application and once copy must be mailed to Action Property Management at the address below.

Structural alterations which must be approved by the Architectural Committee include, without limitations:

  1. Screen doors
  2. Patio doors
  3. Modified loft windows
  4. Central air-conditioning units

All such exterior improvements, including but not limited to, screen doors, patio doors, loft windows, and air conditioning units, must be maintained in proper working order at all times.

Send completed applications to Orange Tree Condominium Owners Association, c/o Action Property Management, 2603 Main Street, Suite 500, Irvine, CA 92614.

  1. Approval by the Architectural Committee does not constitute approval by the City, not does approval by the City constitute approval by the Architectural Committee.
  2. These Architectural Guidelines supplement the provisions in Article IX, Sections 1-4 of the Association Declaration of Restrictions.




Emergency Services

Action provides Emergency services between the hours of 7:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.

All calls are routed to the after hours service and taken in order as received. A message will be taken and will be distributed to an on call Manager.  You will receive a call from the Manager and they will assist you.

If this is related to any utilities please call them first as they will have updated information.

All tenants will need to contact the owner at all times for any issues at the property.  If the owner is not available for an emergency please advise the on call Manager.

Contact Information

General Manager
Dolores Mendez |

Manager Assistant
Katie Schanz |

Community Care Department
Phone Number: (949) 450-0202

Who to Contact:

Community Care

  • Work Orders
  • Work Order Updates
  • Vivo:
  • Billing
  • Keys
  • Fobs
  • Transmitters
  • Hang Tags

Ask for these Departments if you need:

  • IT ( Login)
  • Escrow (Selling your property)

Management Company

Action Property Management

Corporate Office
2603 Main Street, Suite 500
Irvine, CA 92614
phone | (949) 450-0202
fax | (949) 450-0303