Balcony/Patio Reminders

Posted By on August 15, 2022

The only items allowed on the back patio/balcony are furniture that is constructed for outdoor use, one propane barbeque having LP-gas container with a water capacity not greater than 2 1/2 pounds (charcoal barbeques are not permitted), bicycles, potted plants on saucers and one storage unit.

1. One upright storage unit that is constructed for outdoor use no larger than plastic storage unit of Height: 72”, Width 36”, and Depth: 18” is permitted and must be maintained in good, clean and safe condition.
2. Patios and balconies may not be used for storage. By way of example: towels, sleeping bags, rugs, indoor furniture, exercise equipment, coolers, water bottles, water jugs, ping pong tables, ladders, cleaning equipment, electronic equipment such as stereos or television sets or any other items identified by the Board of Directors are not permitted on patios, balconies or decks at any time.
3. No items are to be stored in the Community Common Areas near the streams, including but not limited to potted plants, lights, furniture, and BBQ’s.
4. No child swings are allowed to be installed on the Association Beams.
5. All types of fencing are not permitted.
6. No shelving is allowed to be attached to Association maintained beams or stucco.
7. No painting of the sliding glass door frames.
8. No hanging items off the Balcony or placed on the balcony railing.

1. No more than three (3) plants, none of which may be in containers larger than ten (10) inches in diameter, are permitted on the front porch or other areas outside the Owner’s unit. Any plants must be potted and on a saucer in order to prevent structural damage to the landings. Owners shall be responsible for any damage caused by maintenance of potted plants on porch or other area, and any such damage shall be repaired at the Owner’s sole expense.
2. Nothing else is allowed to be placed/stored on front porch/landing.
3. Laying artificial turf, tile, carpeting, or any other floor covering on any porch or landing is strictly prohibited.
4. No items are allowed to be placed or stored on the stairways, along walkways or on landings or railings.
5. Changing the numbers on the building is not allowed without authorization from the Board of Directors.
6. Bikes are not allowed to be stored, locked to the staircase, or anywhere in front of the building.
7. No items are permitted to be hung in front of any porch or landing except for one wind chime.

Emergency Services

Action provides Emergency services between the hours of 7:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.

All calls are routed to the after hours service and taken in order as received. A message will be taken and will be distributed to an on call Manager.  You will receive a call from the Manager and they will assist you.

If this is related to any utilities please call them first as they will have updated information.

All tenants will need to contact the owner at all times for any issues at the property.  If the owner is not available for an emergency please advise the on call Manager.

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